Turn around twice…

Today already seems to be fraught with emotional time bombs and eggshells that need to be carefully navigated. This morning has already included explosive arguments with two people who are important to my life and couple that with the lack of sleep I’ve had the last few days and anyone would understand why I’m ready to throw in the towel before the clock even strikes 8.

But I can’t. And I won’t.

I have four little people who count on me and they need a Mama who is present physically and emotionally. When they’re grumpy or having a rough day, I stand them up, turn them around twice and tell them that it is time to start the day over. Sometimes it works on the first try, but we keep on going until they chandler their attitude. Generally resulting in laughs and giggles.

So I am going to post this and then I’m going to stand up, turn around twice and start this day over with a better attitude.

Because I can.

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