Blogging the Holidays

I know so many creative bloggers who put up beautiful posts during the holidays featuring delicious recipes and fun crafts for kids.  I did my fair share during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, but during the month of December, life always hits me head on and I drop off the face of the blogosphere. Someday I’ll get into the organized place I need to be in order to blog the holidays but this year was a swing and a miss.

December is a time of much activity in our house.  My birthday was the 14th and sweet Isabella turned one year old yesterday.

My best friend (and cousin) comes home for Christmas on Saturday and I can’t wait to see her!  She lives and teaches in Israel and other than a few weeks in the summer and a few days near Christmas, we never get to see her.  Add on a visit from Isabella’s wonderful and amazing godmother who will be in town this weekend (I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU STACEY!), Christmas and Michael’s birthday on the 27th and we are going to be busy right on through the New Year.

Only three days left of school after today so I’ve got quite a bit of cramming to do.  Maybe I should pay for an extra day of daycare this week…


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