A Salute to Mom

Being a mom is the source of both my greatest frustrations and my greatest joy. Having kids is an enormous responsibility and I make mistakes every day.

Every. Single. Day.

I feel so blessed to have mom friends with whom I can share the ups and downs and who provide inspiration by doing “the mom thing” the way they see fit without apology. Those moms, the moms who are guided by their internal sense of right and wrong instead of falling victim to mommy peer pressure, are the moms I admire the most. This love letter is for you.

For the woman who puts her foot down over the entitlement mentality. I salute you.

For the mom who treasures the health and wellness of her kids and has incredible strength (mind, body and soul). I admire you.

For the mom who strives to keep the little in her girls and shield them from the tough things that life sometimes throws our way. I appreciate you.

To the writer who has taught me that I can do the things I want to do with my career right alongside my growing children. Thank you.

To the mom who does everything beautifully and with grace all the while being kind and generous. You amaze me.

To my own mom who taught me what unconditional love really feels like. I love you.

Shine on ladies.


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