Library Sunday

I love watching my kids at the library.  They all love to look at books, even the baby.  We spent about an hour browsing, reading and playing at the library early this afternoon and had a blast.  It makes me sad to think that some kids either do not enjoy books or do not have access.

I spent a little bit of time research and reading about some of the State of Maryland and Montgomery County’s offerings and found a lot of great resources that I will be using with my kids in the near future.  I also found a great list from Scholastic Parent and Child of some well-loved and well-crafted children’s books.  I think everyone I know with kids will love the list.  There were a few on there that I didn’t know about that I will have to pick up next time we are at the library.

Scholastic Parent and Child’s list of the Top 100 Greatest Children’s Books

Maryland’s e-book and audio book library

Montgomery County’s All Children Excel