February Already!!


I can’t believe February is here already!  January is always a month of recovery from the craziness that December brings (three birthdays in our house, Christmas and several other family birthdays), but not this year!  This year, I hit the ground running and started another dream team with my fabulous writing teacher, Christina Katz (www.christinakatz.com).

Writing classes started last week and they are stretching me to become a better writer.  In one class, we are currently focusing on memoir writing and that has been incredibly draining.  I see potential there, but it is definitely draining.

The thing I am most excited about is that my work is getting published.  And not just getting published, but CONSISTENTLY.  Last month Oregon Family ran one of my pieces and this month I am featured in both Westchester Parent and Parenting Plus magazine.

I am thrilled to finally see results in my writing again.  I know that hard work pays off and I am working harder than ever to keep it paying off!

What I Have Learned So Far About Daily Blogging

This month I am participating not only in NaBloPoMo and posting to my blog every day in November, but I am participating in #thankful as well.  It is amazing to me that, eight days in, I am still sticking to it!  It hasn’t been easy to remember to post something that I am thankful for every day (even though there is so much to be thankful for), but I’m doing it!  The act of remembering to Tweet it, share it, use the right hashtag and actually the thought out there is what I struggle to remember.

That intentional act of sharing gratitude has made a difference not just between my ears with the thoughts that I have running through my mind, but with the way I deal with my children and teach them gratitude as well.

Blogging daily challenges me constantly and there have now been two days where I’ve doubled up so as not to forget the following day.  I love writing.  Getting my words onto paper every day is a habit I have been sorely forgetting in recent months.  My writing teacher, Christina Katz, has a challenge called “21 Moments” that I am participating in this month in order to stretch my writing.  And a stretch it has been!  In the best possible way.

I think I have gotten more words into my computer this month in just eight short days than I have in the last year!  I am so excited!

I am really working on that list.

This afternoon, I am planning to do some serious self-care before I pick the kids up and then spend some time helping Maddie get ready for her first middle school dance.  I am psyched for her!

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!